About us


For the Milk Tea Factory, boba milk tea is not just a drink;

it is more about the cultural transmission of life and the spirit of creativity

Who are we?

“Milk Tea Factory” is a boba tea supplier brand owned by Sufoo Life, Inc. Here at Milk Tea Factory, we carry a variety of milk tea raw materials that could enrich your menu and your drinks. We also provide training sessions and consulting services to ensure the success of our customer’s businesses.

The role of Milk Tea Factory is like a function of the manufacture with the product variety, product customization to meet customer needs. We commit to solving the issues as well as providing the backend support. It benefits our customers to save their time and to concentrate on the market side. At this level, we treat each of our customers as a business partner more than a customer relationship to create a win-win situation.

What do we do?

l   Provide the customer all the backend support

l   Find the highest quality raw materials in Taiwan

l   Strive for a reasonable price for customers

 l   Assist customers in customizing and innovating products

Our main business

As an upstream vendor in the supply chain, our daily focus is on providing customers the high-quality material and focus on food safety, material quality, reasonable price, stable supply, professional service, and innovative products. 

The year 2019 can be said the first year of the Milk Tea Factory online service.  We are ready here.  Welcome to join Milk Tea Factory!