Utilizing food packaging material is an easy and effective way to advertise your business. With our custom printing services, we help turning all your packaging material into marketing media. Our high-quality custom printing for your plastic or paper food containers preserve the integrity of your design by attending to the smallest details. Call us or use the inquiry form below to find out more details.


PP cups and PET cups are great to advertise your unique brand with our high quality prints, while allowing customers to see what’s inside the cup.

Paper CUP

Paper cups are one of the most popular products to advertise your brand.

Food containers

We have you to utilize the space on your food container to promote your business.

Paper bags

Paper bags are great for parties or snacks. They are also good for advertising additional information regarding your business, for example, business address and phone number.

Sealing film

Branding your sealing film for PP cups or PET cups is another way to advertise your business, we have great resources to you help custom print your unique logo on any of the PP or PET sealing films.


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