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Come up with us and show the most special Halloween drink for your customer. What are the most important things when you develop an attractive Halloween drink? Later we will introduce some skills to let you easily make your drinks more attractive. If you still have no idea, We will also introduce a specialty drink in the end.

  • Bright and Strong Color

People are always attracted by his first vision, so how to caught their eyes.It is very suitable for using  Popping Boba. Bright colors, shining and juicy appearance are not only more attractive than pearls but also can be shown out many series of colors.

Another is “fruit smoothie”. Because fruit smoothies are relatively simple to make, you only need to use Fruit jam or Fruit syrup. It can be changing various colorsC

  • Novel and Unique 

This can be easy to do it when using the popular ingredient, like Cake milk foamdrinking mochiTiramisu milk foam. These are the most popular elements nowadays. And when you use it, let will be more attractive to the customer.

  • Featured Decoration

Simple Halloween decorations, like small straws, pumpkins, spider web,bat images. It can easily let customers feel Halloween in your shop. If you don’t want to do this troublesome, you can also use brown sugar to shape the image on the drink.

  • The most important at all is delicious

If you only want to attractive for one time, you don’t need to pay attention to this. Otherwise good raw materials will always make your customers visit your store again and again.

For Example MilkTeaFactory, their materials are almost from the top major suppliers in Taiwan. Not only that, in order to help dozens of stores to open bubble tea shops and attract customers. We are constantly developing new materials and regularly integrate the quality of the store feedback, continue to adjust the quality of all materials to the best state.

Generally speaking, you do not worry about the quality of our materials at MilkTeaFactory, because many stores have already helped you to test it.

( if you don’t know how to make it click it to get more information )

Mulberry and Strawberry Cream Boba

Tapioca Boba100g 

Drinkable mochi50g

Strawberry Milkshake 80g

Milk Foam : 30g 

Popping Boba30g


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