What Makes Boba Milk Tea Shops Thrive in Adversity During Covid-19?

Fried Chicken Coating Powder
March 17, 2021 0 Comments

As we all have already known, 2020 was not a good year due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. The pandemic has brought a huge impact on the food and beverage industry. Many beverage shops appear crisis on losing customers and have been shut down due to the bleak sales situations.

However, there are some boba milk tea shops not only survive from the critical circumstances but thrive in adversity and show significant growth in business.

You can find out those having distinguished performances mostly provide “Snack” options on the menu for their customers.

Speaking of the famous combo for foods and beverages, popcorn chicken with a cup of boba milk tea is always the best and the most classic combo nowadays just as a hamburger with coke.

A box of crunchy fried popcorn chicken or a juicy slice of the fried chicken cutlet is definitely the perfect match for boba milk tea, which you can tell from the most popular foods in the Taiwanese night market. According to data, Taiwan has made 400 million slices of chicken cutlet in 2020. As you can see, Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet has its tremendous market; and it is also famous for its unique recipe. 

From marinated sauce, fried powder to chili flavor, every single detail is highly valued and has the best quality. Yet, you might have known the good taste of Taiwanese fried chicken is not easy to make, especially if you want to make it taste like the original fried Chicken in Taiwan.

Luckily, Milk Tea Factory has been visiting fried chicken cutlet stores throughout Taiwan just to find the most original local taste for its one and only recipe. After the long journey of discovering, we have found out the key factors to make 100% local flavor of Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet and popcorn chicken.

From Chicken Pickling Powder, Fried Chicken Coating Powder to Chili Powder and Pepper Salt, we provide a one-stop service to supply all ingredients for Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet/popcorn chicken which enable you to make 100% Taiwanese local delicacy in a breeze.

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Delicious Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet Recipe

What you need

(1) Cold water 1000c.c

(2) Chicken Pickling Powder (SE0002) 400g

(3) Rice wine 30c.c

(4) Soy sauce 30c.c

(5) Peeled chicken cutlet 6kg

(6) Fried Chicken Coating Powder (SE0001) (adequate amount)

(7) Pepper Salt (SE0003) / Chili Powder (SE0010) (adequate amount)

Cooking Steps:

● Put ingredients (1)~(4) together in a container and stirred it until well-disturbed to become the pickle sauce. Then put the peeled chicken cutlet in the pickle sauce one by one and freeze in the refrigerator for 24 hrs.

● After 24 hours, pour an adequate amount of Fried Chicken Coating Powder (SE0001) into another container. Take out the well-soaked chicken cutlet and wrap it by pressing lightly on the powder.

● Fried for 4 mins.

● Pour adequate amount of Pepper Salt (SE0003) and Chili Powder (SE0010) on it. Then you can enjoy the delicious Taiwanese chicken cutlet!

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Delicious Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

What you need – Pickle Part

(1) Cold water 750c.c

(2) Chicken Pickling Powder (SE0002) 400g

(3) Rice wine 30c.c

(4)Garlic 200g

(5) Sugar 100g

(6) Chicken cube 6kg

Cooking Steps

● Add 350c.c water and Fried Chicken Coating Powder (SE0001) into the pickled container (with sauce and chicken cubes), after that, fully stir again.

● Keep the oil temperature between 180~190℃, fried the chicken cubes with the amount less than 300g at a time. Make sure they are separated in the fryer.

● Fried around 2.5~3mins.

● Pour an adequate amount of Pepper Salt (SE0003) and Chili Powder (SE0010) on it. Then you can enjoy the delicious Taiwanese popcorn chicken!

Product Feature

Fried Chicken Coating Powder (SE0001) can apply to many recipes, such as fried chicken cutlet, popcorn chicken, grilled chicken, fried squid. Different from traditional potato starch, it has a richer smell and crunchier taste!

Chicken Pickling Powder (SE0002) has its unique herbal smell, it allows the meat to fully absorb the flavor and taste the mouth-watering scent after fried it.

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